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AM Can CH MoreDanes Rackem & Stackem


Therin is now proven with Champion get.

Watch for his get in the ring.

  He is consistant in producing true breed type.

For Therin's health test results, go to WWW.OFFA.ORG


Click here for Therin's Pedigree


Some of Therin's get out of our Frozen Semen

CH. Eastwoods All About The Truth V Havemanns

True Finished at the tender age of 9 months

Bred by Kim Eastwood

Owned by Ed & Tracey Havemann

Handled by Sue Larkin



Eastwood N Ramac's Illegally Blonde

Owned and Bred by Kim Eastwood



MoreDane's Amare's The Heart Of The Matter Of Lollydanes

Owned by Patti Nehr and Linda Morelli

Bred by Adriane Sabourin / Linda Morelli



MoreDane's has frozen semen available for approved bitches.


The Responsibilities of a Stud Dog Owner
Is to produce Quality, NOT Quantity.
To be selective to who you breed to with the goal of the betterment of the breed.
The Stud dog owner is just as responsible for the litters they produce as the Bitch owner.
The Stud dog owner should follow through and assure that all companion puppies produced are placed on Limited registration with spay/neuter requirements and are not contributing to the BYB/puppy mill problem in Danes.  This is not the sole responsibility of the Bitch owner.
At MoreDane's we strive to contribute to the betterment of the breed by Breeding selectively and being responsible for all puppies produced.


Contact Linda Morelli for availability.